Pain Management

The problem

Nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of chronic pain. Some 16 million adults (8 percent of all adults) experience persistent or chronic pain, and as a result are limited in certain everyday activities. The elimination of chronic pain is the most costly condition in the United States. Health care costs and indirect costs due to chronic pain are over $15 billion per year. Chronic pain is a leading cause of work-loss days as well as work limitations. Some 87 million days of work are lost per year due to chronic pain.

The traditional approach

Pain management techniques most commonly use are medication; anti-inflammatories, like ibuprofen, steroids, analgesics like Tylenol, and stronger narcotic pain killers like codeine or oxycodone. All of these pharmaceutical interventions, while effective for some, can cause side effects, adverse reactions, addiction, and if used inappropriately, even death.
The surgical approach to joint pain is usually through steroid injection, surgical repair or replacement of the joint, if possible.


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Our Solution

There are natural solutions for pain:
Osteopathic manipulation, Massage therapy, and Acupuncture are all safe and natural physical treatments for pain that have been effective for many.

Nutritional supplementation is also an approach to treating pain. Many safe and natural supplements can prevent, reduce or eliminate pain.

Our Pain Management Treatments Include:


Pain Reduction with Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy. PAP-IMI is an non-invasive therapy to reduce pain an swelling and increase range of motion. The PAP-IMI is an advanced electrotherapeutic diathermy device that produces unique bio-energetic magnetic field pulses characterized as having a fast rise time, strong power, and short duration.The PAP-IMI achieves its therapeutic effects by generating high amplitude electromagnetic pulses of very rapid rise time (nanoseconds) and short duration (microseconds). For more information visit

Prolozone Injection for Joint Pain

Prolozone is an oxidative treatment for Joint pain involving injection of ozone and nutrients into and around the joint space. Degenerative joints have wear and tear and by injecting oxygen vitamins and minerals the body’s healing response is triggered. Most patients feel immediate benefit and patients continue to improve after treatment. Multiple treatments are suggested and most patients feel significant relief after 6-10 treatments. Watch the video on this page for more information.

Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT)

A hands on technique performed by the physician to improve and restore joint function and mobility and reduce pain. OMT is very effective at treating common neck and back injuries. OMT encompasses a wide variety of techniques ranging from gentle soft tissue (myofascial) to more forceful (high velocity). The technique used depends on the age health and preference of the patient.


Far more than a technique of inserting tiny thread-like needles along meridian lines of the body, acupuncture’s complex system of diagnostic corollaries take into consideration the person as a whole, not just isolated symptoms. Acupuncture is practiced based on discerning the” pattern of disharmony” and treating accordingly. Modern acupuncture utilizes other modalities as well, such as herbal medicine, moxibustion, exercise, and nutrition. Acupuncture treats to strengthen the physical condition, prevent disease, and achieve longevity.

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