Injured at Work or in a Car Accident?

Providing Therapy and Rehabilitation After An Accident

Injured in a car accident, workplace incident, or slip and fall accident? Trust Dr. Lipton for your post-accident recovery, therapy, and rehabilitation. Together, the staff at Narberth Family Medicine will work with you to chart your healing journey from both minor and major accidents.

Recovering from Acute Injuries

After a traumatic accident, your body can be in a state of shock and disharmony. Often times, most medical treatments focus on treating the injuries as quickly as possible. At Narberth Family Medicine, we look for whole-body healing. While we are concerned with treating the injured areas, we know it’s best when your body returns to a state of balance and harmony.

By relying on a variety of traditional and alternative treatments, we can provide targeted treatments that can reestablish balance in your body, reduce and manage pain, support your own natural healing process, and promote holistic, whole-body recovery from your accident. That’s why, when individuals in Narberth and the Main Line of Philadelphia need a doctor for therapy and rehabilitation, they turn to Dr. Lipton.

Our Injury Services:

Some of the treatments we use for acute injuries and rehabilitation include:

Stem Cell Therapy

PRP Injections

Osteopathic Manipulation


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