Thermal Imaging For Your Body

At Narberth Family Medicine, we provide a holistic approach to medicine, combining alternative treatments with cutting-edge technology to provide whole-body healing. One advancement in medicine that is helping our patients heal is whole body thermal imaging.


What is Thermography?

Thermography studies the heat given off a patient’s body in order to find abnormalities or asymmetry in the body. This changes in your body’s heat can pinpoint the location of cancerous cells or be a classic symptom of a chronic disease or inflamed muscle.

We use special thermal imaging equipment and processing software to take thermal photos of you. Then Dr. Lipton and his staff will go over your results with you, explaining the images and determining a course of treatment.

What does thermal imagery identify?

Thermal imaging identifies hot and cool spots in your body, at levels unnoticeable to the naked eye or even to you. These fluctuations in temperature are due to concentrated areas of blood flow. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including inflammation, chronic disease, or the presence of cancer cells. The increased blood flow means your body is trying to fight off or repair something in that area.

Alongside a proper examination by Dr. Lipton, thermography can aid the diagnosis of an illness or problematic area, leading to early treatment and a quicker start to healing.

Here are some ways we use thermography at Narberth Family Medicine:

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms in breast tissue, and is usually found in women over the age of 40. As with all forms of cancer, early detection of breast cancer can potentially be lifesaving, as it gives you and your doctors more time to fight against it before it spreads.

With Breast Thermography from Narberth Family Medicine, you can discover the presence of cancerous cells in your breasts up to 8 years before a traditional mammogram. Plus, thermal imaging is less invasive, painful, and embarrassing than a mammogram. Learn more about our breast thermography program »

Whole Body Thermal Imaging

We use our digital thermal imaging system for more than just breast thermography. With a whole body scan, we can identify telltale signs of inflammation of joints or muscles, coronary artery disease, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel syndrome, and more. Learn more about our whole body imaging system »

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