In this episode, Dr. Andrew Lipton gives us a brief introduction to stem cell therapy, and what you can expect before, during and after a therapy session.


  • Introduction to stem cell therapy
  • What are stem cells?
  • How stem cells are extracted from the body
  • What it’s like before, during and after a stem cell therapy session
  • How stem cell therapy can help with neurodegenerative diseases
  • How stem cell therapy can help with musculoskeletal diseases
  • Client experience story
  • Treatment plan for stem cell therapy

And many more! Make sure you listen to the entire episode.

“Stem cells live in your body and are used to heal and replace the normal cells all the time. If we did not have stem cells [in our body], we would die in three days.”

Show Notes:

  • [0:00:53.8]  What stem cells are
  • [0:01:38.2]  How we get stem cells from your body (surgical procedure
  • [0:02:32.9]  Does it hurt to get stem cells from my body?
  • [0:03:04.5]  Stem cell extraction (demonstration)
  • [0:03:51.0]  Are stem cells right for me?
  • [0:04:46.6]  Client experience story
  • [0:05:31.4]  How stem cells can help solve musculoskeletal issues
  • [0:06:19.0]  What is the treatment plan for stem cell therapy
  • [0:07:17.2]  Stem cells for fingers, elbows and other orthopedic problems
  • [0:07:52.2]  How stem cells can facilitate a faster healing rate for athletes and the elderly
  • [0:09:13.8]  A quick word on the science of stem cells
  • [0:10:01.4]  Injecting stem cells through the joints
  • [0:10:40.8]  How fast can I recover through stem cell therapy (for musculoskeletal injuries)?
  • [0:11:20.2]  Stem cells for neurodegenerative diseases
  • [0:12:31.8]  Benefits of stem cell therapy for systemic neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  • [0:13:15.2]  Addressing concerns regarding fetal stem cells
  • [0:13:53.2]  How stem cells are administered for people with neurodegenerative diseases
  • [0:14:07.4]  Does stem cell therapy have any side effects?
  • [0:14:48.8]  What it’s like before, during and after a stem cell procedure

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