by Dr. Andrew Lipton
Narberth Family Medicine

Gain Optimal Health with Proper Hydration

Water is our second most vital nutrient (right after oxygen). It is also a common source of toxicity.

  • Up to 60 percent of the adult human body is water.
  • The brain is composed of 70 percent water.
  • The lungs are nearly 90 percent water.
  • About 83 percent of our blood is water.
  • Infants have 75 to 80% of their body weight as water. As we age our percentage of hydration goes down.

The two main concerns I have with water in this country are its level of toxicity and its energetic quality. Although worldwide the bacterial count in water should also be a concern.

Even though tap water in this country has a very low risk of having bacterial contamination due to water treatment process, the levels of many non-bacterial contaminants are not routinely checked. Water treatment facilities routinely add chlorine and fluorine in addition to other chemical treatments. The water tables have been inundated with pharmaceutical and industrial contaminants, many of which are not checked. The quality of the pipes after water treatment is also a factor. Many old homes and building have lead pipes that can add toxicity to the water that come from the tap.

The energetic quality of water is even more difficult to check for than toxicity. The energetic quality of water comments on how “alive” the water is. Most of the water we consume sits in pipes and bottles and loses a lot of the vibrance associated with spring water. Spring water from a clean source gets the minerals from the earth and the magnetic charge from the earth by flowing. The water in our bodies is always associated with minerals, so consuming water without any minerals makes it harder for the body to absorb and use. Distilled water, for this reason, should not be consumed as a beverage.

Therefore, the best water for your body is spring water packaged in glass or BPA-free plastic.

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Dr. Andrew Lipton in Narberth, PA

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Dr. Andrew Lipton is a 1991 graduate of the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, Missouri. The D.O. or Doctor of Osteopathy is a degree in medicine combined with training in Osteopathic Manipulation.  Osteopathy was founded in Missouri and there are only fifteen schools that train physicians in this technique.

Dr. Lipton has taken advanced training in OMT and is Board certified by the American Osteopathic Board of NeuroMusculoSkeletal Medicine.

Dr. Lipton completed his residency in Family Medicine at Suburban General Hospital, Norristown, Pennsylvania and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Lipton was trained in Chelation Therapy  by the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a group of physicians dedicated to being open to new alternatives in medicine. Dr. Lipton is also Board certified by the American Board of Chelation Therapy.