From Mary Ann Settembrino’s radio interview

Inhale to the count of ten, hold it for twenty, exhale for five counts. Do this seated at first – 10 sets three times a day.


  1. Drink half your weight in ounces of water
  2. Use only purified or spring water
  3. Eat foods that contain water
  4. Make sure 70-80% of your diet is water containing foods


20-40 minutes of continuous motion walking, rebounding, dancing,etc. – not to exert yourself beyond the point of being able to hold a conversation. Do this 5- 6 times in the ten days

Practice forgiveness and gratitude. End each day making a list of what you are grateful for.


  1. Break your fast (breakfast) with a green vegetable breakfast or a drink composed of purified water and a green super food i.e. barley grass juice powder. 20 minutes later have fresh vegetable juice or fresh fruits.
  2. Avoid all animal products – no fish, beef, chicken, pork, cheese, milk, eggs etc. for ten days
  3. Eat fruits alone-do not combine with any other foods
  4. Separate proteins from starch – i.e.- do not combine tofu and brown rice nor beans and potatoes
  5. Use organic olive oil, flax oil, Judo’s oil – drizzle on food before eating
  6. Drink water between meals not during nor after
  7. Eat small comfortable amounts
  8. No acid producing foods – sugar, coffee, processed fats, vinegar, alcohol, salt, colorings, additives, etc.

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