What detects changes due to breast cancer up to 8 years prior to a mammogram?

Digital infrared thermal imaging –
pain free, radiation free, no touching!

Early detection saves lives

Thermal imaging picks up changes in physiology or function of the body. These images can detect disease or dysfunction that is not picked up by other scans, as this is a temperature scan of body function, not anatomy. Thermal imaging of the breast can detect cancer up to 8 years earlier than a conventional x-ray mammogram

Thermal breast screening can benefit women of all ages. Mammography can be ineffective for women between the ages of 30-50 due to denser breast tissue. We recommend middle-aged women to consider breast thermography for effective and sufficient results. Women of all ages who are unable to undergo routine mammography should request thermal imaging as well. This test can provide a clinical marker to Narberth Family Medicine that a specific area of the breast needs particularly close examination.

The earliest possible indication of abnormality is needed to allow the earliest possible treatment and intervention. Tumors take years to grow, so we want to be able to provide the best treatment from the starting point. Thermal breast imagining provides early detection of abnormal physiology and overall monitoring of breast health.

Breast Imaging

Thermography vs Mammography

Pain free
Radiation free
No breast compression/no touching/non invasive
Detects 5-10 years earlier than mammogram
FDA approved
100% safe
Images include lymph nodes in breast neck and underarms
Measures function
Appropriate for all women:

  • dense breasts
  • fibrocystic
  • implants
  • post surgical
  • post radiation
  • nursing mothers
  • post mastectomy
  • prior radiation treatment
  • pregnancy

Detects inflammatory breast cancer

Often painful
Uses radiation
Compression can damage breast tissue or implants
Detects micro-calcification
FDA approved
Radiation can damage tissue
Unable to image lymph nodes unless calcified
Measures anatomy
Not appropriate for all women

Does not detect inflammatory breast cancer

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