In this episode, Dr. Andrew Lipton and Mary Ann discusses the effects of medical marijuana and how it can help various diseases, from chronic pain to seizure disorders.


  • Difference between hemp and medical marijuana
  • Information on industrial hemp
  • The endocannabinoid system
  • CBD receptors in the body
  • Psychotic effects of THC
  • Finding the right TCH to CBD ratio
  • Minimum lethal dosage of THC and CBD
  • How to take CBD
  • CBD and sleep
  • CBD and chronic pain
  • CBD and seizures
  • Medicare coverage for CBD treatment

And many more! Make sure you listen to the entire episode.

“It’s important that your CBD product be fully traceable from seed to product.

It must have been independently screened for contaminants, and that there has been a quantitative lab analysis of it.

Show Notes:

  • [0:00:23.3]  Difference between hemp and medical marijuana
  • [0:01:56.3]  A note on CBD products
  • [0:07:54.7]  The difference between marijuana and industrial hemp
  • [0:11:10.4]  About CBD
  • [0:12:40.3]  Getting to know our body’s own CBD receptors, the endocannabinoid system
  • [0:14:39.0]  About the legal use of medical marijuana
  • [0:17:04.6]  Who can take medical marijuana?
  • [0:19:32.0]  The downsides of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • [0:20:37.9]  Comparing THC and CBD
  • [0:21:25.4]  The effects of combined THC and CBD
  • [0:22:34.3]  How to use CBD, recommended dosage
  • [0:25:24.0]  Using CBD for emergency situations such as seizures
  • [0:26:19.9]  Minimum lethal dose of CBD
  • [0:27:00.2]  More information about the CBD receptors
  • [0:27:55.4]  CBD effect on sleep patterns
  • [0:29:06.9]  Is medical CBD covered by Medicare?
  • [0:29:31.1]  Can CBD be taken with other medications?
  • [0:30:18.5]  If CBD doesn’t work for seizures, is it safe to take a small dose of THC instead?
  • [0:32:04.5]  Minimum lethal dose of THC
  • [0:33:08.3]  For chronic pain, how long should they take CBD/THC before they lower their opioid doses?

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