People have a lot of misconceptions regarding natural sugars and their use. When you think of it, natural sugar, just like processed or granulated sugar, is used as a sweetener and at its very core contains the same ingredients as granulated sugar.

However, science says that natural sugar is overall better than table sugar due to a variety of reasons. For example, natural sugar often contains different vitamins and minerals that may be good for your health.

This is especially true in the case of dates that contain a good amount of fiber. However, if you wish to consume natural sugar as a way to reduce calorie consumption then it will not make any difference to your diet as all sugars contain the same amount of calories, i.e: 4/gram.

Nonetheless, the truth is that natural sugars are not truly better for you. They’re just an alternative. If you complain of sugar rush or if you need to reduce your consumption of sugar then you need to stay away from all kinds of sugars, natural or granulated.

In addition, natural sugar is a better source, as far as calories and blood sugar changes, for example a diabetic, sugar is sugar. Excessive consumption of sugar in the diet can aggravate and cause many diseases, including diabetes and cancer. If you are concerned about your sugar levels, have a fasting blood glucose performed along with a Hemoglobin A1C levels which will tell you your average sugar over months.