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  1. Linda Clayton says:

    Dr Lipton is the best doctor I’ve ever had! When I left his office, I was finally walking straight with my shoulders back! He has also been managing my thyroid meds and I’m feeling better than ever! I’ve lost 42 lbs in the last 2 1/2 years. His manner is delightful as well.

  2. Amy Yuter says:

    After many years with a great doctor, I found myself in search of new care – I was concerned to not find the kind of care I was seeking g – then I found Dr. Lipton – the care I received was beyond what I ever expected – instead of dreading the switch to a new practitioner I was so grateful to find such a knowledgeable doctor – he cares for my whole family and my mom also travels a distance to be under his special care. He is always an email away when we have a question and when he feels appropriate he finds the right specialist to take care of you with the same wonderful care. A truly brilliant and caring doctor.

  3. Wendy Lehr says:

    Dr. Lipton is the best doctor that I have found. I travel 11/2 hours to see him. His knowledge surpasses all other doctors that I have worked with or seen. I recommend him to everyone that I see. I am so thankful that Dr. Lipton’s and my path in life have met and he has been able to help and heal not only me but several of my family members.

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