Mary Ann Settembrino

Mary Ann Settembrino, C.A.  Acupuncturist, Strategy Goddess, Coach

Mary Ann is a Certified Acupuncturist. In 1991 she received her degree as an Acupuncture Physician from the Acupuncture Acupressure Institute of Miami, where she was also trained in Homeopathy.

She is nationally certified through the National Commission for Certified Acupuncturists. She specializes in improving physical performance, treating PMS and hormonal imbalances, and practices a holistic approach to health care.

Mary Ann Settembrino is a physician of Chinese medicine who specializes in integrated and functional medicine. She and her husband started one of the first integrated medical centers in Philadelphia in 1995.

Mary Ann Settembrino has over twenty-five years of experience in facilitating over 1000 individuals and organizations to maximize their personal and professional potentials. She believes that “the world demands results – not excuses.” Mary Ann Settembrino assists people in achieving success and fulfillment and in creating the future they desire. Her mastery of the methodology that produces prompt and sustainable results enables her to teach clients health strategies, performance strategies and the science of communication that produce the desired goals.
She is a graduate of Tony Robbins Mastery University. Having been impressed by the power of Mr. Robbin’s work, she pursued her studies further, exploring Dr. Clare Graves, “Spiral Dynamics.” This uses a psycho-social scale to ascertain the belief system an individual uses so one can predict that individual’s behavior. She studied the neuro-technology on which Mr. Robbins expounds which led to two Master certificates of Neuro Linguistics and Neuro Strategies and also two Master certificates of Hypnosis Therapy.

THE TEN DAY ALKALIZING, ENERGIZING CLEANSE – from Mary Ann Settembrino’s radio interview

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by what makes people tick. I have seen many people suffering from various ailments over the course of my eighteen years of practicing alternative health care, I was always puzzled by the phenomenon of treating two people with identical diagnoses and similar history yet one would experience optimal results and the other mediocre to none. I began an investigation into the connection between the body the mind, and the spirit. What I have discovered has lead to the creation of the state of the art in health advancement and human performance. With the latest technology from Synergetic Results Institute I have received a Master Practitioners certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypno Therapy. I received additional training in Spiral Dynamics. This enables me to   offer a behavioral assessment based on Dr. Clare Graves theory of the emergence of specific levels of conscious that give us insight into people’s behavior. This combined with my previous training in Attractor Field Therapy, Homeopathy, nutrition, detoxification, allergy desensitization, and my degree as an acupuncture physician has lead to an unprecedented arsenal to assist others in creating success and fulfillment in how they feel and living the life of their dreams. -Mary Ann Settembrino