In this episode, Dr. Andrew Lipton talks about what causes indigestion and leaky gut, and discusses other gut issues such as food allergies and food sensitivity.


  • Understanding indigestion and leaky gut
  • Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivity
  • Effects of long standing digestive issues

And many more! Make sure you listen to the entire episode.

Show Notes:

  • [0:00:59.1]  What is considered as ‘indigestion’?
  • [0:01:14.2]  Understanding allergic reactions to food
  • [0:02:15.0]  How indigestion happens
  • [0:03:34.3]  The effects of long-standing digestive issues to other parts of the body
  • [0:03:50.7]  The difference between food allergies and food sensitivity
  • [0:04:41.2]  Food sensitivity testing
  • [0:05:54.5]  What diet is best for leaky gut?

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