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A Holistic Medical Practice

Dr. Andrew Lipton is the founder and primary physician at Narberth Family Medicine. We provide alternative medical services and holistic medicine in Narberth, PA and the surrounding metro area. We also serve Philadelphia, the Main Line, and all of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our medical practice offers the highest quality health and wellness care to patients. We emphasize interactive decision making between the doctor and patient.

Dr. Lipton seeks to empower his patients and makes them a partner in the medical decision-making process. Dr. Lipton takes the time he needs for each patient. The average physician visit of 5-7 minutes is often not enough time to be heard and Dr Lipton and staff often spend more than twice the time a traditional doctor spends with his or her patients. As with holistic medicine overall, a holistic doctor tends to view a person in terms of overall wellness, not sickness, since wellness is the body’s normal and most natural state.

While Dr. Lipton does incorporate traditional medicine, his first response is to create a care plan in consultation with the patient and to thoroughly explain all options. Together Dr. Lipton and his patients develop a treatment plan that meets each patient’s unique needs.

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